Special Appeal Grants and Strategic Multi-Year Initiatives

HEF has awarded more than 460 regular grants for a wide variety of projects throughout the District, based on grant requests from teachers and staff.  In addition, HEF partners with the District on major, often multi-year, initiatives. These major initiatives are primarily funded by Special Appeals at our annual February fund-raising event, the Royal Bash.

2020-2022’s Special Appeal, Pathways to a Healthy Future, is now under way. Learn more HERE.

2018-2020’s Special Appeal, Student Wellness = Student Success, is still open. Click here if you would like to contribute.

Following is a list of our past Special Appeals and multi-year initiatives:

Grant TitleDescriptionYearSchools
LifeLabs HEF's first grant: A three-year project (1995-98) at Hopkins High School that connected students with the world of work, and then morphed into something much bigger. Read more 1995-1996 HHS
A Sound Investment Over the course of several years, HEF funded the implementation of classroom amplification systems in elementary schools throughout the District. Read more 2003-2006 All elementary
STAR Fund: Securing Teachers and Resources for a Brighter Future A grassroots parent organization combined forces with HEF to create the STAR fund with the goal of preserving teacher and LRT positions. Read more 2003-2004 District-wide
Best Practices Teachers Fair During the 2007 Gala, attendees contributed $12,000 for staff development and the popular Best Practices Teachers’ Fair. At the Fair, District teachers present instructional strategies and best practices to their colleagues in order to share knowledge and enhance staff development. 2006-2007 District-Wide
21st Century Digital Classrooms Effective integration of technology requires well-equipped classrooms with laptop computers, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, audio enhancement systems, and more. Pilots for most of these initiatives in the Hopkins District have been funded by HEF grants. Read more. 2013-2017 District-wide
ActivBoard Interactive Whiteboard Our 2008 Special Appeal funds provided an ActivBoardTM Interactive Whiteboard for each of the nine schools in the District. Read the MinnPost article. 2007-2008 District-wide
Teaching Science with Technology A combined grant and special appeal funded hand-held and desktop computers in science labs in both junior highs and the high school. With these computers, our students are able to analyze data, research online and understand which sources are credible, interpret the information, connect with scientists around the world and then develop multi-media presentations, just like our “real world scientists.” 2009-2010 NJH, WJH, HHS
Unleashing the Power of iPad From pilots beginning in 2010 to Special Appeals at Royal Bash 2011 and 2012, HEF has funded over $60,000 in iPads and related software. Our support has enabled the Hopkins School District to develop a plan to use the technology more strategically and effectively. Read more 2010-2012 NJH, WJH
Academic Support Center The Academic Support Center at the high school provides tutoring experiences in the areas of math, writing and science to any student who is willing to put in the time. Read more 2013-2015 HHS
STEM: Partnering for Excellence STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is a high priority for the District and for HEF. Since our inception, HEF has awarded more than 60 STEM grants and more than 80 technology grants for District initiatives. Read more 2013-2015 District-wide
Full STEAM Ahead Full STEAM Ahead was a three-year initiative to support the arts and "soft skills" aspects of STEAM, reaching students throughout the District. Read more 2014-2017 District-wide
Student Wellness = Student Success 2018 Royal Bash Special Appeal, year one of a two-year initiative. This Special Appeal funds after school mental health centers, a farm-to-table program, and teaching wellness strategies. Learn more 2017-2019 District-wide
Pathways to a Healthy Future Pathways to a Healthy Future Special Appeal is a comprehensive approach to active student learning. The student who is emotionally calm, well fed, engaged in and excited about learning prospers and succeeds on their own unique pathway to their full potential. Learn more 2020-2022 District-Wide

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