Spring 2015 Grants — Summary

We are becoming more like a kitchen than a grocery store,” – Ivar Nelson, Hopkins Director of Technology, Media and Information Systems

Thanks pictureCutting-edge components to innovate learning are part of an exciting shift in education, and are fueling the energy within HEF’s Spring grants. The focus is student-driven learning, engaging projects and activities, and fewer passive lectures – all across the curriculum. Powerful innovative ideas range from re-imagined learning spaces fostering collaboration, to high-level discussions around international events, to experiments in movie making.

Funding multiple tools, HEF has awarded 5 grants totaling $25,500 for projects that tap all students’ potential for fully engaged learning, inviting students to get their hands dirty in the kitchen rather than to passively peruse the aisles of the grocery store.

Fab Lab grant presentation photoFab Lab – $14,000, North Junior High – Timothy Nefzger

‘Fab’ is Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s shorthand for ‘fabrication’ but it‘s also short for ‘fabulous.’ NJH’s Fab Lab will become a flexible Design-Test-Build space with central lab stations and movable tables. The space allows for experimentation and collaboration, and will be more project-focused than teacher-focused.  Read more.

Lights Camera Action grant presentation photoLights, Camera, Action! – $2,000, West Junior High Media Center – Robin Price, Sara Speicher

All 700 WJH students will receive the GreenScreen DoInk ‘app’ on their school-issued iPads. And they’ll have access to movie making in a new Maker Space in the Media Center, complete with Green Screen, microphones, tripods and teleprompter. Read more.

Spanish Model UN grant presentation photoSpanish Model United Nations – $1,000, North Junior High, Juntos III AP Spanish – Erik Thompson

This yearlong curriculum will take Juntos III students on a fantastic intellectual journey to explore a real world problem, finishing with a statewide Model U.N. Assembly conducted entirely in Spanish. Representing United Nations members, students seek a resolution to an issue of human rights, peace, security, sustainability or the economy. Read more.

Reimagining Learning Space grant presentation pictureRe-Imagined Learning Space – $5,000, Alice Smith Elementary – Tracey Beaverson

Higher levels of student engagement are always the goal, and this 5th grade classroom is being redesigned to maximize the learning space and fully engage students. This HEF grant funds some of these physical changes to allow students to communicate and collaborate, critically think and create – without the constrictions of traditional teacher-facing single desks. Read more.


Powerful 3D Printing grant presentation photoPowerful 3-D Printing – $3,437, North Junior High Media Center – Jen Legatt

This three dimensional printer will be an intriguing addition to NJH’s Maker Space – a creative retreat of fun, hands-on experiences available to all students at NJH’s Media Center. HEF first funded NJH’s successful Maker Space last Fall. In that short period, a growing number of students have been excited and engaged by the learning tools they find there.

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