STEM Enrichment for Young Learners

AS STEM kits grants fall 2018The focus of this grant is to build problem-solving skills in Alice Smith’s K-2 learners through more exposure to STEM activities. Enrichment, challenge, and hands-on learning will benefit all students and help decrease the opportunity gap. LEGO Early Simple Machines are re-usable kits that inspire higher level thinking skills through the creation of six different machines, each an engaging tactile activity for these young learners. ‘Tinkering’ will induce confidence in a fun, simple level of science, opening a world of possibilities. Core math and science curriculum will be addressed through innovative concepts that nurture creativity and introduce the idea of multiple solutions to a problem, instead of simply memorizing the ‘right’ answer.



Awarded Fall 2018
Alice Smith Elementary
Submitters: Doreen Carlson, Susan Gruidl

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