Strengthening Anti-Racist Curriculum

This relatively small investment will reverberate for years to come, reaching Hopkins’ youngest learners (birth – age 5) and their families with the important work of understanding bias and teaching anti-racism. Doubling the reach of the very successful Fall 2020 HEF pilot grant, Becoming Anti-Racist and Authentically Inclusive in Early Childhood, this grant expands this work to ten classrooms at Harley Hopkins Family Center. Each will be fully outfitted with materials that represent all students who enter. To further expand inclusiveness, a wonderful partnership with senior volunteers at Hopkins Activity Center has provided hand-made culturally appropriate clothing for classroom dolls. Early Childhood staff are putting anti-racism into practice and learning to navigate difficult conversations around biases. Some of these same staff members also conduct home visits and are able to bring this awareness directly into the community, as well.

Awarded Spring 2022
Early Childhood Programs
Sara Chovan

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