Take Charge of How You Feel

In alignment with HEF’s focus on Student Health=Student Wellness, this start-up grant provides ALL Hopkins Junior High 8th grade students – more than 500 per year – with the self-regulating tools they would typically only be exposed to through mental health professionals or sports psychologists.

In their PE and Wellness classroom, students will receive and learn to use ear sensors along with the free iPad/iPhone ‘App’ called HeartMath Inner Balance. These tools accompany the Smart Brain/Wise Heart Curriculum to provide self-monitoring and feedback. Class time will be used for training and education to help students get their heart rates, minds and emotions in sync. 8th grade is a challenging age for students, and an important time to arm them with the self-knowledge these tools will provide. Students will learn to neutralize stressful reactions, quiet the mind and still restless thoughts, build resilience and faster recovery from stress, and even improve coordination and reaction time in sports. Students will see their progress over the entire year as compared to their baseline at the beginning of the year, completing the feedback loop, and setting them on a positive path to overcome the stressors of high school.

Awarded Spring 2018
North Junior High, West Junior High
Submitters: Jane Kleinman, Eileen Egge, Brian Huybrecht

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