This is a grant from The Awesome Fund, dedicated solely to student clubs and organizations, and funded by a generous Hopkins alumnus, a matching donation from his employer, and the family & friends of Ethan Lang.

TampAction Awesome Fund grant spring 2020This group of determined young women is focused on eliminating menstrual stigma. They will provide high quality period products free of charge in an ‘Aunt Flow’ product dispenser at HHS. In a period product drive last November, they collected and donated more than $200 of products to Tubman, a shelter benefitting families in crisis across the Twin Cities. In December, they made and sold ‘bath bombs’, donating the $217 profit to Days for Girls International. Upcoming events include presentations to North and West Junior High students about period stigma.




Awarded Spring 2020
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Amital Shaver (student), Megan McLennan (faculty advisor)

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our tax id is 41-1808042.