Tanglen Elementary Grants

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The table below lists grants that have specifically benefited Tanglen Elementary school.

Watch the video to learn more about the impact that HEF grants have on the students at Tanglen Elementary School.

HEF also provides grants that benefit all the elementary schools.  See them here.

View the district map showing a summary of grants for each school here.

Title Description Year
Success Maker Software Purchased Success Maker, computer courseware to increase student achievement in math and reading. 1997-1998
Outdoor Classroom Created a living outdoor classroom and amphitheater. 1998-1999
Youth Frontiers Helped fund joint initiative between Hopkins Schools and Youth Frontiers focused on character development. Learn more. 2000-2001
Assurance of Mastery Support Supported the Assurance of Mastery program in math, including purchasing materials and providing staff time to help students with math. 2001-2002
Infrared Amplification System Funds were awarded to pilot the use of infrared classroom amplification equipment in both a 1st and 2nd grade classroom to determine if this equipment will enhance student learning. Read more 2002-2003
Project Empowerment Project Empowerment - Artistic Walls at Buildings Entrance 2003-2004
Multi-Level Reading Kits Awarded a grant to fund multi-level reading kits for fourth grade students that allows for each student to progress according to their own abilities and take responsibility for their own learning. 2004-2005
Digital Cameras Digital Cameras enable students to demonstrate the concepts they are learning in language arts, math, science, and other classes. By integrating digital photography into the lessons, more learning styles are addressed. Students and teachers alike gain experience with digital technology. 2005-2006
Steps to Respect and Second Steps Violence and Bullying Prevention Curriculum Developed by the Committee for Children, this program teaches all students skills to address bullying. Additionally, students gain skills for making friends, handling emotions and problem solving. These skills help students to excel academically as well. 2007-2008
Classroom Stability Balls Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encouraging better focus on instruction. 2007-2008
Children's Literature to Support 'Steps to Respect" Curriculum This grant funds children's literature to use along with the Steps to Respect & Second Steps Violence and Bullying Prevention Curriculum, a program HEF funded last year. 2008-2009
LCD Projectors and Document Cameras Document cameras are part of the 21st century classroom initiative. They engage students with active learning and cut down on prep time for teachers. 2008-2009
Movement-Enhanced Learning This action research project will evaluate the impact on learning with stand up desks, stability balls and traditional seating. Teachers will monitor student engagement, focus and behavior with each type of classroom environment. A student survey is part of this research project. 2009-2010
Lexia Reading Program Lexia software provides reading assessment, lesson plans and teaching tools that adjust to students’ progress and individual needs. Students at home can also access the web-based technology. Read more 2011-2012
Technology Links to Language Learners iPads to accelerate English language learning. Read more 2012-2013
Boogie Boards Young hands learn through practice and class participation, and these Boogie Board Jot eWriters encourage both. Read more 2016-2017
One-on-One Royal Readers HEF will fund this updated collection of high-interest culturally-relevant books for an exciting new reading initiative. Trained literacy volunteers will work one-on-one with first grade students on a weekly basis, and the books will also be available for classroom teachers’ use. Read more 2016-2017
3-D Inspiration: MakerBot Science and Math curricula for all Tanglen students will now contain Design and Build elements, courtesy of this new MakerBot 3-D Printer. Read more 2016-2017
Mindsets for Parents This grant, in conjunction with a donation from Flipgrid, will produce a series of short videos in multiple languages, all designed to share information and build relationships with parents who do not have the flexibility to attend school functions and interact with staff. Read more 2016-2017
Brain Training to Instill Grit ‘Thinking outside the box’ begins with students’ determination to solve problems and the confidence in their ability to persevere. Brain puzzles are an interactive way for students to practice grit and creativity – strengths that 21st Century learners need in addition to academics. Read more 2016-2017
Air-Propelled Racing Car Tanglen 6th grade teacher Keenan Jones has issued a challenge to his students: who can design, engineer, and build the fastest air-propelled car by race day deadline? This project will involve STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) as well as language arts and reading curricula. Read more. 2017-2018
Sensory Path - Much More Than a Yellow Brick Road Sensory motor breaks are an effective tool to promote learning, and an instructional tool for ALL about the importance of sensory regulation. The path will provide these breaks through a wide range of fun activities, requiring students to use their senses and focus their energy. Read more 2018-2019
C4 (Challenge, Create, Construct & Connect) Tanglen’s Media Center will use this grant to innovate into a hub of access - to digital information, to collaborative learning, and to a warm welcoming environment. Read more. 2019-2020
Project-Based Learning Project-Based Learning is part of the 2020-2022 Pathways to a Healthier Future Special Appeal. Learn more. 2019-2020
Calming Corners Calming Corners is part of the 2020-2022 Pathways to a Healthier Future Special Appeal. Learn more. 2019-2020
Fine Motor Kits for Distance Littles Development of fine motor skills and muscle memory is essential to successful writing, cutting, gluing, and many other tasks. This grant funds 22 Fine Motor Kits to be sent home with students, along with engaging, instructive lessons and games. Learn more 2020-2021
Reading Groups, Together At Home For the 66 Tanglen second graders enrolled in the Distance Learning Academy, the typical access to multiple books is not available. This grant provides multiple copies of 35 titles, both fiction and non fiction selections, with a diversity of main characters. Students will engage in small reading groups tailored to their needs, along with their teacher, via Googlemeets while staying safe at home.Learn more 2020-2021
Literacy in the Music Room This classroom library in the music room at Tanglen will feature multicultural songs, stories, poetry, biographies of musicians and composers, and activities for exploring sound and movement. These resources will be used for lessons for all Tanglen students - and for many years to come – to broaden the scope of music education beyond a European-centered cannon. Learn more 2020-2021
Hmong Family Outreach This grant will compensate interpreter Panou Xiong for up to ten additional hours per week for the rest of the school year, and five hours per week during the ten weeks of summer. The goal is to overcome significant barriers Hmong children experience with distance learning. 2020-2021


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