Technology Links to Language Learning

English Language Learners pictureAt least 37 languages are spoken in the homes of Tanglen students, and many Tanglen students are in the English Language Learner (ELL) program.

In this exciting partnership with Tanglen’s PTO, a total of 8 iPads – 4 each from HEF and the PTO – were provided to Tanglen’s ELL classroom to accelerate language learning and reach new levels of student engagement. ELL grant recipient picture

iPads offer students interactive, tactile learning of oral language, listening, reading and writing, and have proven themselves as engaging teaching tools. But because ELL students are typically pulled out of their regular classrooms when their peers are using iPads and other interactive tools, they lack the exposure to this intriguing digital world.

These iPads will put ELL students back on a level playing field with technology, and allow them to enter the mainstream at a quicker pace.


Awarded Fall 2012
Submitters: Carlos Connell-Torres, Alex Fisher, Lucy Perman

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