The Closet

Fall Grants 2019 WJH The ClosetOpened last year, The Closet is an LGBTQ+ resource library housed at WJH in the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) headquarters, open to any student. HEF is providing funds for a wide range of reading resources to represent the LGBTQ+ community in all its facets, which in turn provides extra support for ALL students to see themselves in positive and affirming ways. The goal of The Closet is to promote acceptance, equality and pride among students and their community. It’s a bright, colorful, fun space decorated with images of LGBTQ+ heroes, and as one in four students have a loved one who identifies as LGBTQ+, the impact travels far beyond the students who self-identify. Students clearly understand the power of representation; The Closet allows them to see themselves in literature, offering them visibility and helping connect them to school as they bravely live out who they truly are, sometimes without support from their families. These books will also offer staff the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the students they serve.

Awarded Fall 2019
West Junior High
Submitter: Laura Jensen

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