The Science of Reading

Learning to read is incredibly complex, and teaching reading requires a deep understanding of the processes and science behind it. Yet only 51% of higher education teaching preparation programs include the science of reading. When teachers know better, they do better. This grant provides a skill-based library of tools: phonics cubes, magnetic letter tiles, kid lip cards, handheld mirrors, gel writing boards, word construction kits, and books to focus on specific skills. Almost more importantly, these materials will be used to train multiple teachers in the best methods of teaching reading, beginning with primary teachers.

Grant-writer Kathy Bouten, along with several Hopkins staff, has training in Orton Gillingham and LETRS (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling); they’ve found that some changes in current methods may make big impact on the opportunity gap and meet ALL students’ needs. Bouten also has experience working with students that show characteristics of dyslexia. These teachers will be sharing this knowledge among their peers, training fellow teachers in how the brain learns to read, and to use proven effective tools to strategically teach reading.

Awarded Fall 2021
Glen Lake Elementary
Submitter: Kathy Bouten


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