Twenty-First Century Classroom Grants

Following is a list of grants that focus on engaging and energizing students through innovative redesign of physical learning spaces and equipment.

Learn more about the range of grants HEF provides across the entire curriculum.

Title Description Year Schools
Climbing Wall Supported construction of a climbing wall at West Junior High 1997-1998 WJH
Responsive Classroom Supported staff development on the Responsive Classroom which helps to create communities where children feel understood, safe, valued and respected. 2001-2002 Katherine Curren
Homeroom Advisory Program Piloted the homeroom advisory program which provides a longer homeroom experience including curriculum. 2001-2002 NJH
Infrared Amplification System Funds were awarded to pilot the use of infrared classroom amplification equipment in both a 1st and 2nd grade classroom to determine if this equipment will enhance student learning. Read more 2002-2003 Tanglen
Reggio Emilio Approach for Early Childhood Education A matching grant was awarded to Stepping Stones, an all day program for four-year-olds, located at Meadowbrook and Gatewood to integrate the Reggio Emilia philosophy into the curriculum. 2002-2003 Stepping Stones @ Harley Hopkins, Meadowbrook, and Gatewood
Amplification System Awarded a grant to fund the installation of amplification systems in third grade classrooms to enhance students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise. Read more 2003-2004 Eisenhower
Amplification System Awarded a grant to fund the installation of amplification systems in third grade classrooms to enhance students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise. Read more 2003-2004 Katherine Curren
STAR Fund -- LRT Support in Elementary Schools Awarded $115,000 buying back over 4,900 hours of LRT (Learning Resource Teacher) support. This is equivalent to restoring one hour per day to a grade level across all elementary schools. 2003-2004 All elementary
Infrared Classroom Amplification A $60,000 award for Infrared Classroom Amplification systems for 34 K-3 classrooms. Building on the success of pilot programs at Tanglen, Katherine Curren and Eisenhower, these systems have enhanced students’ listening and learning behaviors by minimizing background noise and providing an advantage for students with attention and learning needs. Read more. 2004-2005 All elementary
Elementary Amplification Following three years of pilot support for improving sound environments in elementary classrooms, the Hopkins Education Foundation awarded its largest grant in history to complete amplification in all Kindergarten-6th grade classrooms in the district. This $130,000 grant will have students hearing more clearly in an additional 79 classrooms. Read more 2005-2006 All elementary
Responsive Classroom Trains teachers to use the Responsive Classroom approach which brings together social and academic learning throughout the day. The strategies used create a sense of community, promote positive relationships and teach Hopkins expectations. 2006-2007 Eisenhower Elementary
Putting Responsive Classroom Strategies Into Place Daily charts and stands build predictability and a positive starting routine for students. 2007-2008 Eisenhower
Whisper to Learn Whisperphones improve students' focus, reduce classroom noise, and increase phonemic awareness. 2007-2008 Eisenhower
Classroom Stability Balls Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encouraging better focus on instruction. 2007-2008 Gatewood
Activotes for Promethean Interactive Whiteboards ActivotesTM integrated personal response systems are used with interactive whiteboards. They are designed to encourage student participation and enhance learning. [box style="rounded" border="full"]Awarded Fall 2007, Glen Lake Elementary, Submitter: Patty O'Reilly[/box] 2007-2008 Glen Lake
Classroom Stability Balls Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encouraging better focus on instruction. 2007-2008 Tanglen
21st Century Digital Classrooms Effective integration of technology requires well-equipped classrooms with laptop computers, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, audio enhancement systems, and more. Pilots for most of these initiatives in the Hopkins District have been funded by HEF grants. Read more. 2013-2017 District-wide
ActivBoard Interactive Whiteboard Our 2008 Special Appeal funds provided an ActivBoardTM Interactive Whiteboard for each of the nine schools in the District. Read the MinnPost article. 2007-2008 District-wide
Interactive Learning with ActiVotes This grant funds ActiVotes for all 6th grade classrooms. 2008-2009 Eisenhower
Interactive Learning with ActiVotes This grant funds ActiVotes for all 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade classrooms. 2008-2009 Gatewood
Classroom Stability Balls This grant funds stability balls for one classroom. Stability balls promote physical fitness as well as encourage better focus on instruction. 2008-2009 Meadowbrook
Learning and Interacting Remotely This grant funds a wireless, remote mini ActivBoardTM mouse and keyboard to encourage classroom participation by ELL and special education students. 2008-2009 NJH
LCD Projectors and Document Cameras Document cameras are part of the 21st century classroom initiative. They engage students with active learning and cut down on prep time for teachers. 2008-2009 Tanglen
Auditorium Wireless Sound System New and re-positioned sound equipment now allows the wireless sound system to be properly balanced during performances. Additionally, more antennas and microphones allow large group performances to take full advantage of the auditorium as a performance space. 2009-2010 HHS
Active Learning for the Classroom Using stability balls, this pilot program helps teachers evaluate how to focus students’ attention and learning in new ways along with integrating opportunities for physical activity beyond the gym class. 2009-2010 Meadowbrook
Movement-Enhanced Learning This action research project will evaluate the impact on learning with stand up desks, stability balls and traditional seating. Teachers will monitor student engagement, focus and behavior with each type of classroom environment. A student survey is part of this research project. 2009-2010 Gatewood and Tanglen
Wellness Goals Lab This pilot program explores the benefits of exercise before tackling rigorous academic subjects. Students will exercise aerobically for 25-30 minutes prior to focused academic work. Teachers monitor homework completion and accuracy, attendance and behavior incidences before and after initiation of the program for each student. 2009-2010 WJH
Stand Up for Learning Stand-Up desks allow students an ergonomically sound way to stand up, sit down, stretch, fidget and even move about - all while staying alert and focused on classroom instruction. 2009-2010 Meadowbrook
Creativity Unbound -- MakerSpace A welcoming space for students to explore hands-on projects. Read more 2014-2015 NJH
Lights, Camera, Action! Movie-making software for iPads and movie-making equipment for WJH media center. Read more 2014-2015 WJH
Fab Lab A flexible Design-Test-Build space for NJH with central lab stations and movable tables. Read more 2014-2015 NJH
Re-Imagined Learning Space Pilot redesign of Alice Smith 5th grade classroom to maximize the learning space and fully engage students. Read more 2014-2015 Alice Smith
Powerful 3D Printing A state-of-the-art 3D printer enhances the NJH Maker Space - a creative retreat of hands-on experiences in the Media Center. Read more 2014-2015 NJH
Learning Studio Prototype HEF will help the School District kick start the creative redesign of a Gatewood classroom, turning it into an innovative learning studio; an agile and adaptable space to better engage students and offer greater opportunity for learning. Read more 2016-2017 Gatewood
Increasing Engagement and Rigor Glen Lake staff have fully undertaken the Hopkins’ Vision 2031 mission to disrupt the current system. HEF’s grant is sending a team of six to Educator Training at The Ron Clarke Academy (RCA) – a preeminent lab school for fourth-eighth grade in Atlanta Georgia with similar demographics to Hopkins. Read more. 2019-2020 Glen Lake
Pathways to a Healthy Future Pathways to a Healthy Future Special Appeal is a comprehensive approach to active student learning. The student who is emotionally calm, well fed, engaged in and excited about learning prospers and succeeds on their own unique pathway to their full potential. Learn more 2019-2020 District-Wide
Outdoor Forest Kindergarten Startup Two of three Gatewood Kindergarten sections (50 students) will be outside next year 3-4 hours out of their six-hour day! The forest, pond, field, gardens, and hillside will be their classroom. Forest Friday has been popular for six years; now the Kindergarten Team is ready to take it to the next level. HEF will be funding rain/mud gear for all students, including boots. Learn more 2020-2021 Gatewood
Outdoor Inquiry Kits and Research Station These 30 reusable HEF-funded tool kits will include items such as binoculars, pond nets, pocket guides, tool kits, activity guides, magnifying glasses, insect habitats and collection bags to enable students to complete investigations at a variety of research stations, changed regularly. Learn more 2020-2021 Eisenhower
Personalized Learning and Virtual Meeting Booths Two sound-proof glass booths in the Hopkins High School Media Center will be installed to offer private – yet supervised – space for students to conduct college interviews or visits, PSEO classes and/or presentations, virtual medical or therapy appointments, and quiet work spaces for test-make-ups, creating podcasts, etc.. Learn more 2021-2022 HHS
Kinesthetic Classroom First graders sometimes need to move their bodies while learning and some are simply more productive when they keep moving. This high-level need for movement is not ‘fixed’ by redirection or intermittent breaks for physical activity; in fact, these interventions can be interpreted by young children as negative feedback. Learn more 2021-2022 Eisenhower Juntos

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