Ukuleles Offer New Musical Opportunitites

Ukeleles grants fall 2017

Simply saying the word ‘ukulele’ elicits a smile; playing them is more than enticing for 5th and 6th graders. Jonathan Feulner, music teacher at Eisenhower/XinXing Academy, is an experienced ukulele teacher and knows the allure of the small instrument. HEF is funding 30 instruments, expanding the school’s instrument library enough for 160 more students to learn chords, rhythm patterns, and the role of harmony. The ukulele’s small size and low string tension encourage confidence and success, and will also tie into students’ classroom poetry unit as they set their own writing to music. The ukulele is also a great stepping stone to the guitar, offered at Hopkins High School. Watch for spirited ukulele performances at the Spring Arts Festival in May 2018!

Awarded Fall 2017
Eisenhower / XinXing Academy
Submitter: Jonathan Feulner

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