Unleashing the Power of iPad

More Content, More Power, More iPads in the Hands of Students  iPad special appeal image

From pilots beginning in 2010 to Special Appeals at Royal Bash 2011 and 2012, HEF has funded over $60,000 in iPads and related software. Our support has enabled the Hopkins School District to develop a plan to use the technology more strategically and effectively. Today, iPads are used in every school as part of the district’s Digital Content and Access plan.

Beginning with  fall 2012, every Hopkins seventh grader has started the school year with a brand new iPad. Learn more on the district website and in these local news stories: Star Tribune and WCCO News.

With dynamic, relevant content, our students use iPads to span the world without ever leaving their desks. They learn reading and math at their own personalized level. They are discovering… they are creating… More ways of learning.

What Our Teachers Are Saying

They are excellent tools for education. The iPads are the best technology tool I’ve used with first graders to date.  — Angela McGuire, first grade

Quick assessments with the iPads allow for more individualized instruction. Re-teaching happens for those that need it and enrichment for students that have learned the material. — Todd Roudabush, Science

An app for earthquake notification alerts is set up. When one happens, the iPads beep and a popup window shows us the location and magnitude. Students used to ask if there are earthquakes every day and how often they’d happen. They don’t do that anymore. Instead, they say “Mr. F, more evidence that the Earth is constantly moving.” Success!  — Ben Friesen,

We’re just beginning the exploration. Teachers are eager to customize iPads to their own curriculum and students are naturally very engaged with them. — Victoria Wilson, Library Media Specialist at HHS


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