Video Game Club

Becoming Antiracist Grants Fall 2020This is a grant from The Awesome Fund, dedicated solely to student clubs and organizations, and funded by a generous Hopkins alumnus, a matching donation from his employer, and the family & friends of Ethan Lang

This community of gamers previously operated with consoles brought to school by staff members, but all of the back and forth took its toll on the equipment. This Awesome Fund grant will purchase consoles and controllers for the sole and permanent use of the club, which will also allow more students to participate. Although this grant was first proposed last spring, it has now become even more relevant as students’ interactions have been so limited during distance learning. Gaming offers them a social outlet, and a fun way to connect.

Awarded Fall 2020
West Junior High Special ed
Submitter: Vijay Clarkson, student; Tim Williams, Faculty Advisor


We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our tax id is 41-1808042.