Video Production Club

This is a grant from The Awesome Fund, dedicated solely to student clubs and organizations, and funded by a generous Hopkins alumnus, a matching donation from his employer, and the family & friends of Ethan Lang.

This energetic new club of 30 students has revamped the news show at HHS into an entertaining platform for skits, interviews, updates, props and costumes, all laced together with the thread of humor. Joe Does Sports is a recent production, filmed from the sidelines – and under the bleachers – of a varsity football game. Building on the interest that many students share for media, news, and video production, the Video Production Club is an ensemble of writers, editors, ‘anchors’, camera and lighting operators, all with the goal of creating a platform where students can dialogue about things that matter to them.

This Awesome Fund Grant enables the club to grow their stable of equipment and props. Grant applicant Sidney Gelperin explains, “We will learn how to use cameras, editing software, and framing… and to captivate an audience through different styles of video production.” Promoted on Instagram and YouTube, the club already has 500 followers.

Awarded Fall 2021
Hopkins High School
Submitters: Sydney Gelperin (student), Cathlyn Garrett (faculty advisor)

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.
Our tax id is 41-1808042.