Washer and Dryer Grant – $3,500

Always at the forefront of bridging gaps, Alice Smith Elementary recognizes the innate connection between their school and their community. For many years, teachers and staff have known that students and families rely on the school for more than its rigorous academic endeavors. Focusing on the students holistically included finding a solution for their students’ need for clean clothes and a reprieve for teachers and staff who frequently took students’ winter gear and extra clothing items home to wash on weekends in order to assure students had clean clothes each Monday morning. That’s where ESL Teacher Ellen Poppy and Elementary Guidance Counselor Kristin Lutz came together with a plan that shifts the responsibility from their kind-hearted teachers and staff. 

Whether students have an accident at school or get exceptionally messy at recess or for those students who don’t have access to laundry facilities at home, HEF’s Washer and Dryer Grant, facilitates Alice Smith students having clothing items washed at school during the school day so they can take home clean clothing items each afternoon and have them for upcoming school days. “If students have clean and weather appropriate clothing and outerwear, they will be able to participate in all school activities” making the school day more equitable for all. 

Additionally, this Washer and Dryer Grant will be utilized when the appliances are available to wash items like sports jerseys and musical costumes among other things that all Alice Smith students use. Utilizing the Hopkins Schools Buildings and Grounds crew to properly ventilate and install the new washer and dryer and see to its upkeep, Alice Smith will give new purpose to a previous custodial closet and come alongside students and families with this support simultaneously. 




Awarded Fall 2022
Alice Smith Elementary
Submitter: ESL Teacher Ellen Poppy and Elementary Guidance Counselor Kristin Lutz

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