We are West Junior High School (WJH) Podcast Presentations Grant – $6,558

The We are West Junior High School Podcast Presentations Grant will create a podcast studio that will replicate a typical small production studio with all the necessary equipment and elements required to design and prepare for interviews, set up logistics, and record audio podcasts after instruction in class and during enrichment programming. Students in enrichment programs will learn to edit and prepare their podcasts for distribution and broadcast to the WJH student body each Friday morning when working in WIN (What I Need) enrichment sessions, during lunch choice time, or during the after-school activity option.

This immersive learning environment will teach students the numerous roles involved in the production process and how to work as a team to meet production deadlines. Teachers Brent Eckhoff, Jason Ruiz, and Dan Beaubien are all in the Language and Literature department at WJH and implement podcast and speech concepts in their curriculum that reaches all eighth grade students and a portion of the ninth grade class and will utilize this studio space regularly.

This equipment will allow students to rotate through the recording process but would not be possible without the additional staff support from Change Equals Opportunity (CEO) staff members who are pivotal partners in this grant work. Paraprofessional Mr. Cedric Riley, who is a DJ and fluent digital artist, may also be supporting this program and teachers as he is able. These staff will run their own enrichment programs during the school day and after school as well as partner with classroom teachers to support the Language and Literacy curriculum.

Community Partnerships Liaison Lindsey Leseman explains in the grant application that the goal is to give students the opportunity to tell their stories in their own words on a platform they have created and that can be shared with their school community through class time and learning enrichment opportunities while supporting student investigation into careers pathways. Students will benefit by inviting professionals to speak about their career choices and journeys to success as well as about topics they care about.


Awarded Fall 2022
West Junior High School
Submitters: Community Partnerships Liaison Lindsey Leseman

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