Yearbook Re-Imagined

yearbook fall grants 2016NJH yearbook re-imagined grants fall 2016The Royal Roar is everyone’s book, with two ambitious goals to take it to the next level. No longer a series of team photos, the yearbook concept has evolved. This NJH yearbook will include each student at least three times, and will be a true history of the rich diversity of the NJH community with a focus on purposeful storytelling in writing and photography. This grant upgrades the yearbook equipment, including cameras (personal equipment is not permitted in school) and software with ‘tagging technology’ to help ensure that all students are found in the book multiple times. Students are eager to share the interesting stories of their community of diverse learners and staff members, and this book will tell their tale.

Awarded Fall 2016
North Junior High
Submitters: Carleen Matts, Jennifer Legatt, Angela Brueske

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